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MSP Technology offers the highest efficiency Atmospheric Water Generating systems available, using up to 60% less compressor power.



Water generation is a natural byproduct of dehumidification with MSP Technology.  The pre-cooling design has the added benefit of efficient water removal from the air. The MSP design and construction, using aluminum heat exchangers and stainless steel drain pans enables the use of the generated water for properly filtered drinking water, or gray water for flushing, irrigation, wash down, or other gray water applications. In areas of high humidity, a 10,000 CFM MSP AWG will remove and make available 8,500 liters of water per day. The technology can also operate effectively in dryer climates by applying MSP’s low dew point technology.


Atmospheric water generators have performance characteristics that vary dependent on humidity and temperature conditions in geographic location.   The air-side and cold-side components should be matched to suit the location.  Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach typically results in under design or over design.  MSP Atmospheric Water Generator components are matched to suit the specific geographic location.


MSP Atmospheric Water Generators are built with cleanliness in mind.  Drain collection pans are stainless steel and double sloped for quick drainage.  Heat exchangers have copper tubes with coated aluminium fins.  Depending on air quality at the location, customers may specify a variety of air filters to ensure clean air enters the process.  Also, customers are free to furnish water filtration and storage components from local sources.

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