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Supermarkets have a specific need for dehumidification due to the extensive use of refrigerated cases of frozen and refrigerated food.

In the Frozen foods section, ambient air enters the freezer cases each time a customer opens the door to make a selection. If the ambient air is not sufficiently dehumidified, condensation will occur and ice will form on the refrigeration coils. This leads to more frequent, and expensive, defrost cycles. Additionally, ice forms on interior freezer case surfaces and frozen food products. This condition leads to product deterioration and less than optimal product presentation for the shopping experience.

MSP Technology is perfectly suited for Supermarket and similar applications. Our high efficiency dehumidification design can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, which is significant in light of the typically long operating hours and high air volume requirements.

Additionally, MSP units can be designed to leverage breakthrough technologies such as the new secondary Brine/Glycol solutions which is growing in prevalence. By making use of this on premise cooling source, MSP units can dehumidify without dedicated compressors. This solution also highlights a unique feature of MSP Technology, namely built-in reheat. The MSP design uses the air stream itself as the reheat energy source.

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