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Ice Rinks represent a significant challenge for an HVAC engineer and require particular attention to dehumidifcation performance. The combination of the large, cold ice surface and fresh air ventilation requirements of arena occupants can lead to excessive condensation on both the ice and building structural surfaces.

Proper humidity control benefits Ice Rink arenas in a few key areas. When moisture in the air condenses on the ice surface, it introduces additional cooling load and can lead to soft ice conditions. Condensation on building surfaces are known to drop onto the ice, which can build up during off-hour periods and require additional maintenance. In spring and fall conditions, moist air near the ice surface can produce fog if sufficient dehumidification is not employed.


The MSP Ice Rink Solution is unique in that it is capable of tapping into the chilled brine solution used to maintain the ice and use it for dehumidifying the air. This design significantly reduces the complexity of the dehumidification system, eliminating compressors and the condenser components. As the brine solution is typically circulated at a very cold 20 degrees F, the MSP unit is configured with a recirculating valve which maintains the dehumidification brine at a selectable temperature, typically 36 degrees. The MSP Technology pre-cooling feature allows us to achieve low dewpoints and high efficiency in this brine solution scenario.


  • Controls, fog and dripping.

  • Reliable, simple technology, no moving parts, low maintenance.

  • Delivers consistently low dew-point temperatures.

  • Sanitary with no standing water.

  • Cut dehumidification operating costs by up to 60%.

  • Fast ROI and competitively priced.

  • Works with chilled water and refrigerant units.

  • The single unit provides dehumidification, sensible cooling, heating and ventilation air.

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