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Laboratories used for various forms of research including animal, biological, chemical and pharmaceutical typically require high volumes of outdoor ventilation air and have specific humidity level requirements. It is the job of the outdoor air system with these applications to minimize occupant exposure to particles and gases through the generous use of ventilation air and directing that air in a direction from contamination sources toward exhaust manifolds.

With the introduction of large volumes of outdoor air into the laboratory environment, high outdoor humidity conditions need to be pre-treated for moisture removal with high efficency and reliability. MSP® Dehumidification equipment is perfectly suited to this task with our high efficiency and trouble free design with no moving parts. Alternate methods require maintenance and significantly more energy input to achieve similar dehumidication performance.

With long operating hours, large volumes of outdoor air and reliability of primary concern, laboratory applications are best addressed using

MSP Dehumidication equipment.


  • Controls, fog and dripping.

  • Reliable, simple technology, no moving parts, low maintenance.

  • Delivers consistently low dew-point temperatures.

  • Sanitary with no standing water.

  • Cut dehumidification operating costs by up to 60%.

  • Fast ROI and competitively priced.

  • Works with chilled water and refrigerant units.

  • The single unit provides dehumidification, sensible cooling, heating and ventilation air.

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