Mitigate potential for disease, rot and poor crop quality, with proper humidity and temperature control. MSP meets the indoor farming industry’s needs for climate control with forecasted energy savings of 30% to 65% compared to a traditional dehumidifiers.

Dehumidification & Irrigation

Dehumidification is most critical to the growing environment.  It helps prevent mold and plant diseases that can ruin a crop.  When humidity is properly controlled, it can improve crop quality and yield.  A thoughtfully designed humidity control system will also recycle a large portion of water needed for irrigation. Humidity in the air is the result of water vapor transpiring from the plants and evaporating from wet soil and spillage during irrigation.

Temperature Control

When controlled, using correctly applied technology, temperature in the growing environment can improve quality and yield.  High cooling load results from the heat given off by lighting fixtures, which are required for the growing environment.  We suggest that lighting systems be carefully designed to eliminate any unnecessary, power consuming, wattage and associated cooling requirement.

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